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Our mission is to promote the natural beauty and rich history that North Dublin has to offer!

North Dublin is steeped in rich cultural, historical and literary events. Dating all the way back to the first viking invasion in 795 AD, followed by the Norman invasion of 1169 and stretching up to the Irish Rising of 1916! The North has always been a pivotal area in not only shaping the future of our country but also the literary world! With some of the worlds greatest authors and poets residing there including 4 Nobel prize winners for literature!


Tour Highlights:

  • Learn about the UNESCO bio-sphere reserve at Bull Island!                           

  • Explore the rugged east coast at Howth village with stunning sea views!       

  • Learn about the spooky origin of the worlds most prolific vampire Dracula! 

  • Visit where the vikings & Normans first invaded Ireland centuries ago!         

  • The strategic importance North Dublin played in the Irish Rebellion!            

  • Witness the park created the Guinness Family and hear the epic stories!     

  • Learn about the famous people who helped shape and  tell the story that is  

                 the Irish Republic such as Jim Larkin, Tom Clarke, Daniel O'Connell,  

                 Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, James Joyce and Brendan Behan plus many more!

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Dracula 11
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   knowledgeable, authentic guides! 
Learn about the good, bad and the amazing historical characters!
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